Sunday, June 2, 2013

Host or Hostess Gifts

As the guest of honor, you’re so thrilled and excited that your friends, parents’ friends, children, co-workers or other group has come together to celebrate this exciting event in your life!  As the shower approaches, it’s common etiquette to remember these individuals as they prepare for you and honor them with a token of your appreciation.

We often find that guests of honor are challenged with this step in etiquette, and they question what is an appropriate, acceptable or brilliant gift to express their gratitude.  Recently, our activities have put us in situations which constantly remind us of some great options which we’re happy to suggest to you as you consider your host/hostess gift for your shower.  Take a look at these great options!

Visit The Write Plate for erasable and re-writable escort cards, buffet cards, menu cards, and magnet tile.  Each of these is ceramic and uses a dry erase marker to write and re-write!


Consider this wonderful option given that your host/hostess likely is already willing to host at their home or other location, so this will likely be able to help them in the future!

Also, along the line of honoring your host/hostess offering of your shower, consider contributing to their future hosted events, as well, with a new hostess set.  Perhaps, if you know them well enough, you might be able to determine the brand and collection for which they already have their flatware.

Kate Spade Larabee Dot Hostess Set

Nevertheless, we recently came across a variety of hostess sets on clearance at our local Bed, Bath and Beyond. What a great idea to gift your host or hostess and be able to save money as well!

On a different note, perhaps your host/hostess likes to travel, has a fun trip coming up, or maybe they’ll be traveling with you for your destination wedding!  There’s a variety of items that you could shop to find something that would benefit them in their travels, but we found this great travel jewelry case from LusterLoc.

LusterLoc Travel Jewelry Case

You can find this at Nordstrom or on Amazon.  What a great opportunity to appreciate your wonderful friend or family member!

Regardless of what you ultimately find, it’s wonderful for your host/hostess to see that you appreciated the efforts they contributed toward hosting your beautiful celebration.  If you are investing the time to think of them and gifting an item or thoughtful expression that displays to them your gratitude, then you are doing the ‘etiquette thing’ right Smile  Most importantly, congratulations on your shower!