Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Care Packages for Fall 2013 Finals

Morning all!  This is definitely a little out of the realm of events, but this is a time that anyone who has been through college can sympathize with those currently facing their impending finals.  Event Identity wants to serve as encouragement, especially to those looking to enter the events industry!

We did this last Spring as well, and it was a welcomed surprise for those that received their packages. 


Do you know a current student in college?  If so, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Please help us by sharing their name, current mailing address at school, and email address so that we can send them a well wishes care package in preparation for their upcoming finals.  We ask, for privacy reasons, that you send us an email at info@event-identity.com with their name, email address, and mailing address.  If you have a note that you would like to include, please include that in the email to us as well.  We will include your well wishes in the package that we send to them!

Also an important detail, we want to know if they have special dietary restrictions!  It's important to us that we send these awesome college students foods that they can eat, snack on, and enjoy as they prepare for these intense exams.

So, who is it?  Who do you know currently in college?  Let us hear it!  We will start sending packages this Thursday, December 5th, but we can continue to send packages through early next week based on University finals schedules. 

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